Types of Online Roulette

The online roulette gaming industry is fast becoming one of the most popular online casino games available today. There aren’t much notable differences between traditional brick and mortar find more infor here games and online roulette games. One of the most important decisions online players will have to make is to decide which version of the game they would like to play. There are four types of roulette games available, including American roulette, French roulette, Royale roulette and European roulette.

The differences among these games are not a lot, but the differences that there are, are certainly important. Even though they definitely share specific similarities, there are fundamental and important differences. American roulette was the first ever roulette game designed and played. This version of the game remains one of the most popular roulette games available today. There are 38 compartments on the American roulette board with an additional compartment which is a double zero. This makes a big impact on the odds, payouts and the advantage the house holds over the player.

European Roulette is distinctly different from American roulette in that the wheel only has one zero as opposed to the American version. This brings 37 compartments, ranging from 0 to 36. With European roulette the player thus has healthier odds at winning with 36:1. French roulette has a special rule referred to as La Partage which will only let the player lose half of his bet if an even-money bet is placed and the roulette ball lands on the zero. The major drawing card of the Royale roulette version is that it offers a progressive jackpot which is constantly growing. This jackpot will keep players coming back time and again.

Enjoy the many different versions of roulette at online casinos all over the web until you find the version you enjoy the most.