Poker Seating - Does it Help Improve Chances of Winning?

When it comes to reading up information on poker, you will see different people having different notions on where one should have a seat at a poker table. When we are talking poker seats, we are not talking about its comforts or whom to avoid but talking in terms of winning at poker.

So, why are there so many versions about seating? To understand this, let us have a hypothetical situation which is also quite a common scene at every poker game. You are playing a game where in there is a person who is going on playing almost every hand and is involved in boosting up the stakes. So, in such a situation is it ideal to be seated in relation to this guy or in general to the entire opponents. If you are seated to this person’s right, then you are playing a game in which this person has a position over you while if he is to your left, then the betting will reach you first after this person following which the other players get to act.

So, let us now see whether you need to be in a position to this guy or should be in a suitable position in relation to the other opponents you are facing. While one needs to have a good position especially in a game with lots of players, it is rather preferable to be at this person’s right rather than being on his left. It is really a bad position to be on this person’s left just immediately for the many reasons that have been elaborated below.

The reasons

•    When there is a heavy betting taking place, usually many of the games will see a lot of players. So, you will not be going one on one against the heavy bettor.

•    Another reason is that to have a position over the bettor is not always necessary as he will always go for betting or raising the bet. Instead, if you are playing after him, you get to check or getting him to bet. So, it is not worthwhile having a position on him but on some other player who can spring a surprise on you.

•    If the betting in the game comes through you from another player and you are having moderately good cards, then you have a higher chances of beating the heavy bettor but your hand might not be the best against everyone at the table. However, if you are going in for a raise in an effort to outsmart the heavy bettor, chances are that you might end up in a strong position that too when the stakes have reached high. Instead, if you only calling the bet, you will end up with more players in the game and losing out on the position that you would have gained with the raise.

So, to put it short, being seated to the left that too just after the heavy bettor is inviting for trouble and should be a spot that should be avoided at all costs. You can allow the heavy bettor to have a position over you but it is essential to be placed well when there are many players in the game. When you get a chance to decide last, then your chances of winning just goes up.