Use All the Options Effectively, to Win the Poker!

Blind bet

 One person’s achievement in this game is depends on his ability. [i-e] like how far he is able to combine and uses entire rules in poker. Before commencing bet, two persons who is sitting left of the dealer button should give a blind bet.
 One should give “big blind” and in other hand should give a “small blind”. Both they are gives their bet before they deal with their cards. So to speak, they are forced to gives their bet.
 After all or every player got participated with in the rules and available actions, then the round comes with an end. Here the participation means bet. One of the option called “Number of player option” used here to place their bet.


Now the player can make “call”. Means that, give the bet amount which should be equal to big blind.

Skip your turn

But if the pot doesn’t have any wager then the player will skip his turn to the following sitter.     This is not means that he stayed out or quits the game. Just he is waiting to bet on cumulative pot. So his bet amount is zero. This is called “check in”.

Give your bet

After the wager amount filled the pot, then the player gives his bet, which will equally match with his preceded. This means, he gives his bet amount [which is equal to the bet amount declared by the previous person] to increase the cumulative amount or the wager in the pot. This is called “Raise”. But if all the players are decided to go with “check in” then the round automatically got completed. But one condition is there. Anyone person in the game give a “call” in his turn, and then the following player will not avail “check in” option. He should call or fold or rise in his turn.

Want to quit?

At this stage if some one wants to quit the game, he will use “Folds” option. So the person who is “give up”, will lose all hi posted chip and he may not able to participate until the fresh game is started. When all the persons bet is equally matched with others, then the round comes with an end and another round will begins unless, the round will keep going.
 The next step is dealing of community card. After the entire person gives their bet, this round will starts. After every round got completed in such a way, final community cart will be dealt. After the completion of final or fifth community card, final betting commences.

Winning hand!

When the final “betting round” is completed, some persons will remain in the pot and all should show their hand in cards. Mostly who holds the strongest five cards, will be awarded. in some cases, if any time or any of the rounds through out the betting, when some one only  remains in the pot and all other remaining people gives their folds completely then there is no any necessary to show the winning person’s hand in cards.