Betting Structures in Texas Hold'em Poker

Before you sit down at the table and start to play poker, make NFL betting or NBA betting you must know all the choices you have in terms of betting structures. There are three main betting structures, which are discussed below.

Limit Poker

In a limit game there are predetermined increments in betting that need to be followed in the game. Such games are available in casinos at higher stakes, while they are available in online rooms at a lower level. This type of game would help determine the amount of chips that could be wagered. For example in a game with the limit of $10-$20 the bets would be limited to $10 and $20. Before the flop the smaller bet has to be made, on the turn and the river the bigger bet needs to be made.

Most card rooms have a fixed maximum amount that is allowed on every betting round. For players who are still new to poker, the Limit hold’em poker is very preferable since the betting here is structured and you can plan and make your money last longer in the game and you would know exactly how much you would be loosing if you make a mistake.

Pot Limit

Out of all the hold’em games the pot limit hold’em is the trickiest one to learn. In this type of a game the maximum amount that a player can bet is the amount that is in the pot at that moment. Whenever you want to raise a bet you would have to calculate the amount in the pot once your call is made. For example if you are in a pot limit game with the blinds of $10-20 then the small blind would have to put $5 in the pot, the big blind would have to put in $10 and if you want to raise it you can put in a raise of $50 because originally the pot was $15 and you include $10 of your big blind which would make the pot size to $25.

No Limit

It is the no limit Texas hold’em that is played at the World Championship of poker every single year. This is the form of poker which is very commonly seen on most tournaments shown on TV. There are very few restrictions on betting that the players have to follow in a no limit game. A player would need to bet the minimum of the big blind and if you want to raise a bet you should at least double the bet of the earlier better or raise. Except for these two rules, there are no other restrictions in the game.

However, in online no limit hold’em games there is one different rule, there are restricted buy ins allowed for players. This means that players can only buy in for an amount that has been pre determined. In some casinos too, especially the ones that allow lower stakes game there are restricted buy-ins. If at all you do not want to play a restricted game then you would have to play for a higher stakes game. No limit hold’em is extremely popular in tournaments, though limit hold’em still remains to be the favorite.

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