Good Concept From Immatured People

It’s very interesting thing about “Hippies” that, they were never interested about banking concept. Also they believed, if anyone fits with any job then it means that they are selling out themselves. In addition to this they believed, it’s not a matter whether our parents did something in favor or against for us, then matter is “they did”, if we think “they were done”. They were “waving and twisting” people that made perfect logic to them. By this way they had grown well and reached the meaning of “squiggly wigs”. Apart from or except from logic, everything fits them in to the word “Squiggly wigs”.

Don’ challenge or competitive

If you were lived in those period and among those peoples, then surely you will agreed that all the above terms about hippies are true. Nothing is over drafted. A common term” playing through my head” is usual one for us. But if you were voiced this term to anyone from hippie group especially women, then you will faced some unparalleled criminal action from them against of you. Yes. This is not a common term for them. They conceded permissiveness. But I will sure about them, they were most liberal peoples in the world when compared to all. Apart from all this they owned one good concept what is, avoid competition. They were thought “competition or challenging is a bad one.

Just cooperate: Don’t challenge: - this is what they were followed. We Have been reveled the “Hippies” since those peoples activities seems very fun. Another reason also we believed that they are immature persons or kids who delayed or postponed their maturity or being matured by 5 or more years. But the sad thing is some envenomed thoughts of “Squiggly wigs” polluted their community.

Losing is not bad: winning is not good!

Here I would like to remember you one thing about our “little league team’s match” against of one Mexican team. Little league represents united states – “Mission Viejo”. At that time our guys in 4-1 lead and going to play the final innings, Pitcher gets tired and hits batter. Then batter walks, now new pitcher, Homerun draws game. Gloominess and shock spread over the face of young pitcher. Whole group is in fogginess. Runner gets on stand and runs for second. It will not give “Positive” results, if we change pitcher here. Ball runs to outfield and covered by center fielder. Runs were scored. Center fielder caves in facedown in outfield probably boohooing. Here just match with hippies one of the greatest “concept” of “don’t challenge”. Competition is bad. Yes. Its right! Finally they got the ending game. But after this, peoples who populates ‘Hippies’ concept –“competition is not so good:  and trailing is not so bad: - through out the nation believed and accepted this term.
As a matter of fact, the CBS associate in “Los angels” proudly gave up their undomesticated news arrange and joyfully devoted the initial 8 minutes of the 6’O clock news to the festivity.

Losing pain

The persons from the sixties called “hippies” didn’t provide enough care on their children and they don’t know how much they were harmed their children by this non-sense ‘squiggly wigs’ concept.
In case –if their kids realized that they have loosed their glorious think because of those peoples mentality only, then we should give console to them. We should allow them develop from that sad event. We must explain about “pain of losing” to them, and the ways of overtaking that pain. If they realized that we also experienced a lot of pain like what they have right now and then they will try to find out some way to overcome their pain. “There is sting in losing: and life too-“.

Abnormal persons

Now the peoples who from sixties; can’t able to see the difference between matured or fully grown and what is adolescent. They can’t able to differentiate,’ what are “logic” and what “squiggly wig” is.

Finally let’s come to the point, we as a “poker” player should need to mind that, the preponderance of the people who surrounds us not truly reasonable. They will not turn or try to turn to the schematic channels for help. They are seldom bluffing. Because bluffing out feels are abnormal to them.