Rare Poker Variations

It is known by most part of the casino gamblers that poker is the game that has the biggest number of variations. Huge number of them is presented in online casinos. Today you can have access to some of these games if you are a member of online casino.

As the number of games is enormous, some of them are met more frequently than others. For example, 7 card Stud is played in absolutely all online casinos, as well as Texas Holdem and Hi-Lo game. But there are some of games that are met rather rarely, and some of the traditional casino and online gambling halls do not have these games.

As you probably know, all of poker games can be divided into the following groups: draw poker games, stud poker games and community card poker games. Each of the game types has its fans, and many variations that are based on the common rules. Due to the immense popularity of poker around the world, the number of games became so big, that it is almost impossible to count all of them. According to gambling studies, there are about 130 poker variations that are played regularly at online casinos. No matter which one you choose you should also pay attention to the casino you play at. It needs to be as safe as possible. To choose the best casino to play at we recommend you to check out the gaming club website.

Poker Games that Are Rarely Played at Casinos

Among all rare poker games it is important to name those that are not played at casinos, but many home-based players prefer them. Usually in the list of these games the following ones can be met:

  • Stud Horse Poker
  • Oxford Stud
  • High/Low Chicago
  • Follow the Queen
  • Countdown
  • Billabong
  • Guts
  • Five-O Poker
  • Chinese Poker
  • Kuhn Poker

All of these games are deeply admired by players, but their rules are not suitable for playing in gambling establishments. Anyway, some of the software providers offer these games for players, and if you really have strong desire to play them, you can make a small research and find them!

Rarest Games

Among the games named in the list above, there are also other games that are not regularly played at casinos. Some of them are even unknown for the professional players. Usually, rules of those poker variations do not have huge differences, that’s why for most of the poker players it is easy to start playing some other game.

If you would like to know some of the game variations that are played rarely, please check out the list below:

  • Yukon Hold’em
  • Zoot
  • Wraparound
  • Woolworth
  • Window Jack
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Telesina
  • Spots
  • Soko
  • Sequence
  • Off-Road Stud
  • No Peek
  • Lame Brain Pete
  • High-Die
  • Henway
  • Fierce
  • Faces of Devil

Those are only some of the poker games that are played not so frequently as well-known poker games. If you want to find a full list of all poker games, you should check some of the poker guides that provide information on all poker games.

For any poker lover these games will bring new emotions and make playing poker even more interesting. If you have a chance do not hesitate to play a couple of them, and you will se how great they are!