International Federation of Poker

Founded a mere four years ago with its home office snugly located in Lausanne Switzerland, the International Federation of Poker (IFP) was created to promote the game of poker worldwide and not simply as a game, but a mind game. It is a non-profit legal entity to guarantee poker players all over the world have the right to play the game without any discrimination in any locale they choose to play. It was originally established by these seven member nations- Brazil, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom-who now comprise the organization’s executive board. In four short years, it has accrued 43 member nations total. For those of you from Canada who likes to play online poker we recommend to check the list of all the best canadian casinosĀ  here.

What’s the Point?

It hasn’t been around for long, but certainly has accomplished a lot. Due to IFP’s work poker is now acknowledged by the Mind Sports Organization and participates in that organizations Olympiad. They have also promoted the game through their own individual tournaments featuring the world’s top poker stars in lush environments with luxury refreshments. They definitely are doing it right!

True to its roots and premise, the IFP published “The Rules of Poker” last year. Penned by the IFP Rules Committee Chairman David Flusfeder, the book’s purpose is to establish a set of international guidelines for poker players around the world. This has long been a sticking point for international poker players. Along the volume is not lengthy, weighing in at about 139 pages, it is thorough. It includes a dress code and suggests that English as well as the language of the country hosting a tournament should be the only ones spoken.

In the book, Flusfeder reveals the great strides the IFP has made should not be attributed to their staff alone. Through the combined efforts of the European Poker Tour, the World Poker Tour, and the World Series of Poker, tremendous advancements in the sport have been made possible.

The Future

With what the IFP has accomplished in four short years, one would have to think the game of poker is poised to be taken quite seriously as an international sport. In this day and age it is unusual for people to work together, but the IFP as well as the other major poker organizations around the world seem to have formed a cohesive unit and there is always strength in numbers. What is interesting is the U.S. seems to have a very minimal involvement in the organization and only has one membership group. Is this something to be explored in the coming years? Possibly.